Roasted Organic Cocoa Beans

from Brazil's Rainforest 
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About Us

We are a small company located in beautiful Redondo Beach, CA. In 2010, stemming from our desire to create delicious blends with cocoa beans and introduce them to the market, we started our company. From our eagerness and passion to create the best products, we have developed an in-depth knowledge and experience in the process of producing cocoa beans with a delicious taste without compromising its benefits!

We have personally worked with cocoa beans for over 5 years in Brazil and several years in the U.S. to develop a method of preparation compatible to a roasting schedule that would not damage the whole bean. Along with preserving its natural form, including the shell/skin, we are able to bring a depth in flavor that is not realized in processed cocoa products offered in the market today.This method is in the process of being patented and could revolutionize the way chocolate is the future.

WOW CACOW(cocoa)

The ultimate comfort food

Eat or drink organic products from our organic beans and get a boost from natural stimulants: caffeine (cocoa has about 1/10 the amount of caffeine contained in coffee) and theobromine. Unlike caffeine, theobromine is not addictive and is a vasodialator(reduces blood pressure), a diuretic and a heart stimulant. In addition, the future use of theobromine in such fields as cancer prevention has been patented.

When eating or drinking products made from our whole organic roasted cocoa beans, you are getting the full effect and flavor from over 300 compounds that exist in the cocoa bean. Among these compounds are enzymes (amylase; a digestion aid, and catalase; an antioxidant), minerals(magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus), and amino acids (protein building blocks). Cocoa is one of the richest sources of antioxidants( deterrents to cancer and heart disease) in the world.

Enjoy drinking and eating products from our organic whole roasted cocoa beans without guilt. Not only are you drinking or eating something that is very delicious, but you're also adding a nutritional supplement to your diet , which will have a long term impact on your life.

Privacy Policy

We will not share any personal information with any other party.

Refund Policy

If after 15 days, you are not satisfied with our product, you may return it for a refund. First, please email us at or call (310)613-3705 with the reason for your return and we will provide you with the details of your return.