Roasted Organic Cocoa Beans

from Brazil's Rainforest 
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Welcome to Whole Bean Delights!

We specialize in innovations with organic cocoa. We have developed a  natural process and roasting on the cocoa bean so the whole cocoa bean (including the shell/skin) can be utilized to make chocolate products. In the past, the cocoa bean had to go through many complicated steps to arrive at the finished product.

With our method, the roasted whole natural bean may be used by simply grinding the bean without removing the shell/skin. For example, to make hot chocolate all one needs to do is grind the bean in a whirly grinder, blender or food processor and put it into hot water. After the liquid is cooked for several minutes, the remaining step needed is to pass the brew through a strainer. Add milk, sweetener, vanilla and a little cinnamon and you have a delicious healthful cup of hot chocolate.

We call this "bean to brew". Unlike other powdered hot chocolate preparations offered, ours has no additives aside from the roasted whole natural organic bean itself. This above mentioned recipe applies to many other baked and chocolate incorporated products.  Also, the bean may be eaten as a snack by itself without removing the shell/skin.

Using our processed and roasted bean, we were able to take our product line to another level. Because our bean is so stable, we were able to coat and glaze it. Others have tried but have had problems because the bean would break up during the coating stage. Our success in coating and glazing has given us the opportunity to offer the worlds first coated and glazed whole roasted cocoa bean in three flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and yogurt. The ingredients used to coat the beans are not organic but are all natural .

Please visit our Products page for more information and to buy our organic cocoa beans. If you are a business or store we offer wholesale prices. For all inquiries please call at (310)613-3705 or e.mail us at
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